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Quick Details
Type: U- eco solvent based ink 
Printing Type: Digital Printing 
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) 
Brand Name: UVINK 
Model Number: UM-EcoK512i-2B
Color: 4 color KCMY or 6 color K C M Y LC LM 
Certificate: SGS/RoHS/REACH 
Application: Advertisement 
Ink Type: Solvent based ink  
Suitable Printer: Konica 512i 30pl
Quality: Excellent 
Usage: Outdoor/Indoor 
Delivery: 3-7 Days 
Package: Carton 
Packing: 1L/5L
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: 5 liter pack or 1 liter pack. 
For 1 liter pack, 20 pcs a carton, gross weight: 23KG, carton size: 45*37*23CM. 
For 5 liter pack, 4 pcs a carton, gross weight: 22KG, carton size: 31.8*31.8*30.8CM.
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 7 days after payment
U-eco solvent ink high quality for konica 512i 30pl print head  
Product Description

Wholesale High Quality Eco Solvent Ink

UVINK brand konica 512i 30pl print head U-eco solvent ink production description
Low Odor
Wide color gamut, vivid color. You can print true color from design.
High climate-resistant, under strong sunlight, or rainy weather, no more than 4% fade for 1 year.
It will no clog / block print head for long time use. And get fluent print no break lines.
Print on material shiny bright.
Excellent scratch resistance.
Dry fast on material, usually dry 0.3 meter length from print point, suitable for "roll to roll" print.
Colors we can offer for konica 512i 30pl print head U-eco solvent ink :

Normal offer is: cyan, magenta, yellow, black.
If need light cyan, light magenta, please ask us.
For konica 512i 30pl print head U-eco solvent ink  can be used on print heads
We have solvent inks for following print heads, there are different kind of solvent inks, please tell us you use which print head while inquiry ink from us.
for XAAR 126 and for XAAR 128
for XAAR 382 60PL/35PL
for Spectra Nova 256
for spectra skywalker
for Spectra Polaris 35PL
for Spectra Polaris 15PL
for Spectra starfire
for Knoica 14PL / 30PL
for Konica 42PL / 35PL
for seiko 510/255 12PL
for Seiko 510 / 255 35PL
for Ricoh GEN-4, GEN-5

For konica 512i 30pl print head U-eco solvent ink is suitable for print on material / media:
PVC, Vinyl, Outdoor advertising,
Frontlit , Backlit, Polyester, Window film , Mesh , Backlit film , Blue back paper etc.

For konica 512i 30pl print head U-eco solvent ink  working process:
Direct printing
For konica 512i 30pl print head U-eco solvent ink 's durable:
outdoor life 1-1.5 year.
Tips on using for konica 512i 30pl print head U-eco solvent ink :
Store in cool and dry place, avoid freezing, and keep away from direct sunlight.

Only professional person operate.

Don't mix with other kind of ink when use, when use the first time, please full clear the print head and ink pipeline in the printer.

Open the ink cartridge or ink bottle just before installing it in the machine. Be sure to thoroughly consume the ink in the ink cartridge, once it is opened, finish within three months. If an extended period of time has passed away after opening the cartridge tank, printing quality would be poor. Cover the bottle or cartridge when open seal and not finish, do best to exposure to air.

Avoid contacting with skin, eyes and clothing. Do not ingest or inhale, After use, wash hands with soap and water.

If you get ink in your eyes, immediately wash your eyes with a lot of clean water for at least 15 minutes. In doing so, also wash eyes to rinse ink away completely. Then, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

If anyone drinks ink by mistake, keep him or her quiet and see a doctor immediately. Do not allow him or her to swallow the vomit. After that, contact the Poison Control Center.

If you inhale a lot of vapor and feel bad, immediately move to a location of fresh air and then keep yourself warm and quiet. Then, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

What is the main point of “why one print head gets popular”? How’s the situation of year 2016-2017?
Solvent ink models always updated one by one because of print heads. While one print head has an absolute advantage compare to other print heads, it gets the market share. Then which print heads gets market share in latest years?
1.Stage 1 – 40 to 80PL: XAAR 126 / 128; Spectra Nova / Skywalker. 
2.Stage 2 –35PL, (about after 2005): Seiko SPT 35PL; Konica 35/42PL; Spectra Polaris 35PL; XAAR 382 35PL etc print heads has the main market share on solvent ink.
During this time: Seiko 12PL, Konica 14PL, Spectra Polaris 15PL has a market share in high resolution market too.
3.Stage 3 – 30PL less (about after year 2015): Konica 512i 30PL, Seiko 508GS 12PL, Spectra Starfire 1024 10/25PL, Ricoh G5 7PL.
4.Stage 4 – 10PL level (may be 2 or 5 years later): I know that Toshiba has prepared 2 years to stand in, maybe Kyocera will get involved into the market too. 
Now, we are still in stage 3, Konica 512i 30PL has absolutely advantage, and it gets crazy raise since year 2016. I think it will still hot in year 2016-2017. 
In eco solvent ink market, we all know that Epson print heads has high market share, because of it’s high printing resolution. And we think that Epson print heads will reduce because of it’s speed. In 10 PL level, industrial heads can still has high resolution, and high speed.


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