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Umall ink quality detection and tracking report (Part 1)

Umall ink has a good shelf life and baseness. Whether to field Umall ink has good weather ability and save, we decided to two different types of inks printed with different material, posted on the outside, and long-term follow-up. Based on the month, two renderings were used to test.
Umall Ink Int’l Co. mainly test the quality of inks in the following ways:
Testing time: July 1, 2017
Test the ink jet type: Epson DX7
Test temperature of the day: 26 ~ 32 ℃
Test the climate of the day: thunderstorm
Test the wind direction of the day: no consistent wind direction
Test the wind for the day: a breeze
The climatic conditions during the last detection period:
(from June 1 to June 30)
Climate from June 1st to June 30th
The max temperature and min temperature
The max temperature and min temperature distribution curve from June 1 to June 30
Rainy days and cloudy days
From June 1 to June 30 rainy days and cloudy days
Test results:
Test results